Media Center Resources

Media Resources Available for Check Out

NOTE: We are adding to our resource offerings all the time! Call 417.725.8825 for most recent additions and for check-out information.  For a complete list download Tri County Resources Index.

  • Church Health and Revitalization

  • Vacation Bible School

    • Agency D3
    • Colossal Coaster
    • Space Quest
    • Amazing Wonders of Aviation
    • Beach Blast
  • Women's Ministry Studies

  • Video Projector

  • Discipleship

    •   MasterLife (4-book set)
  • Evangelism and Missions

  • Christian Psychology and Counseling

         The Joy of Repentance (Kerry Skinner)

         The Heart of the Problem (Henry Brandt/Kerry Skinner)

         The Bible and Counseling (Henry Brandt/Kerry Skinner)

  • Sunday School and Bible Study Ministry

    •   Sunday School Done Right
  • Family Ministry

    •      Fireproof-DVD
    •      Marriage God's Way (Henry Brandt & Kerry/Skinner)
    •      I Want to Enjoy my Children (Henry Brandt/Kerry Skinner)

  • Deacon Ministry

    •    The Deacon I Want to Be (Johnny Hunt)